Tapley Genealogy


Tapley Genealogy

The records in this book are of the Tapley family from Folkstone, England, and are only of interest to that branch. They include this family up to the year 1941: The English records can be found in "Notes on English Origin" in the "Geneology of the Tapley family"!

Tapley Coat of Arms

This is the "Coat of Arms" of the Tapleys in the year 1400, as obtained at the court of Heraldy in London, England, by Daniel Tapley of Folkstone, England, and verified by John Tapley of Racine, Wisconsin.

Thomas Tapley was born in England. His family records go back to the year 1400, when the family were entitled to a "coat of arms," the record of which is with the office of Heraldy in London, England.

Descendants of Thomas:

This collection of records are not for the display of wealth or prestige, but of an old family, from the year 1400. They are the records of the Tapleys from Folkstone, England. With the kind help of all the relatives.



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