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Edward Tapley Genealogy

Edward Tapley (Mark, Daniel, Thomas), 1st child of Mark Sanford and Jane Adair, born April 20, 1871. Went to live with his grandfather March 5, 1879. He was nine years old when his sister, Ann Harris, took him. He is a merchant, having three stores. One in McClusky, N. D., managed by his son-in-law, F. W. Perry; one in Wadena, Minn., managed by his son, Robert; and his own in Staples, Minn. He married Ellen Augusta Wilcox, Dec. 6, 1896. She was born Sept. 12, 1868, and died Sept. 2, 1938.


Mary Anna Tapley, born Oct. 31, 1897, died Aug. 31, 1898.

Robert Edward Tapley, born Oct. 25, 1900. Married Aug. 19, 1923, to Mable Lashar. Mable died Aug. 17, 1937. Robert married 2nd Ella Magdeline Fillbrandt, April 17, 1938.


Robert Edward born September 2, 1940.

Minnie Augusta Tapley, born Jan. 1, 1902, died Dec. 27, 1929.

Stella Mae Tapley, born June 13, 1904. Married August 3, 1924, to Fairfield William Perry.


John Fairfield Perry, born August 10, 1929.
Robert Edward Perry, born June 12, 1932.
Carol Mae Perry, born Aug. 1, 1937.
Edwin Burgess Perry, born July 11, 1938.



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