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James Bennett Tapley Genealogy

James Bennett Tapley (Mark, Daniel, Thomas), 6th child of Mark S. and Sarah Bennett, born in Folkstone, England, came to America in 1854. Served in the Illinois Light Artillery and 45th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War. He was mail messenger for the government 15 years. Married Mary E. Brewer in 1870. He was born June 5, 1846, died April 5, 1923. His wife was born Nov. 9, 1849, died May 9, 1922.


Emma D. (Dolly) Tapley, born Nov. 20, 1873. Married Lloyd Olmsted (Roy), Nov. 27, 1892. He died Feb. 22, 1920.


Lloyd Elmer Olmsted, born June 27, 1893. Married Mildred June, Aug. 26, 1926. He died June 12, 1936. One son, Charles Elroy, born in 1927.

James Tapley Olmsted, born Feb. 15, 1896. Married Francis La Barre, Dec. 31, 1923.

Myrtle Mary, born March 5, 1898. Myrtle Mary married Roscoe Jasmon, May 20, 1920, residents of Springfield, Ill.


Florence Evelyn Jasmon. Married Roy Singer, May 25, 1939. One son, Roy William, born Nov. 15, 1939.

Virginia Jasmon, born in 1925.

Roscoe Jasmon, Jr., born in 1930.

John Brewer Tapley, born March 25, 1880.



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