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Mark Sanford Tapley Genealogy

Mark Sanford Tapley (Mark, Daniel, Thomas), 5th child of Mark Sanford and Sarah Bennett, born at Folkstone, England, Dec. 21, 1844. He was a veterinary surgeon and real estate agent at Chicago, Ill. Served in the Civil War. Married Mary Jane Bradshaw Oct. 1, 1866. She was born in England, July 6, 1848, died Dec. 12, 1911. He died Dec. 15, 1911.


Robert Sanford Tapley, born July 3, 1867, died Sept. 25, 1920. Married Edith -, who died Jan. 10, 1936, 65 years of age.

George Henry Tapley, born Sept. 25, 1869, died Dec. 31, 1897. Married Hattie Morey in Chicago.

Thomas Harris Tapley, born Feb. 15, 1873, died Sept. 2, 1941. married Grace May Ostrander Aug. 20, 1903. He was a member of the Shriners and a manufacturing chemist in Grand Rapids, Mich.


Beatrice Eleanor Tapley, born Aug. 15, 1904, died April 1, 1916.

Marguerite Eleanor Tapley, born March 17, 1917, a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, 1940.

Mark Sanford Tapley, born March 4, 1879.

Mary Jane Tapley, born Aug. 15, 1883, died Sept. 21, 1937. Married, 1st, William Gamble. 2nd, Martin Petersen.

William B. Tapley, born Sept. 15, 1888.



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