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William Bennett Tapley Genealogy

William Bennett Tapley (Mark, Daniel, Thomas), first child of Mark Sanford and Sarah Bennett, born in Folkstone, England, Jan. 25, 1837. Came to America with his parents in 1854. He enlisted in the Civil War as a sergeant in the 1st Wis. Infantry, also in the 39th Wis. Regiment. He was a newspaper man, first as a reporter on a Chicago paper, then as editor on a paper at Green Bay, Wis., also Peru, Ill., and at Frankfort, S. D. for 12 years. He took great interest in the work of the Masonic Lodge, and helped organize the lodge at Frankfort; was Master for several years. He married Caroline Arminda Whipple June 26, 1867, at Racine, Wis. She was the daughter of Samuel Hull and Arminda Ballou Whipple, was born in Warsaw, Mo., Jan. 26, 1841, and died March 2, 1915. William B. died June 24, 1915. Children:

Eunice Whipple Tapley, born June 23, 1868, died July, 1868.

Mabel Bennett Tapley, born Aug. 13, 1869. Married Edgar George Workman Oct. 20, 1895. He died in Chicago, May 24, 1898, 48 years old.

Carrie Louise Tapley, born Mar. 7, 1871, died Sept. 7, 1871.

Lillian Whipple Tapley, born Apr. 29, 1873. Married Leslie Eugene Cotton, May 15, 1894, at Chicago. He was born July 9, 1871.

Franklin Ballou Tapley, born Sept. 28, 1877. A merchant in Chicago and Downers Grove, Ill. He married Jessie Mabel Peck of La Grange, Ill., June 26, 1902. She was born May 30, 1879. Residents of Downers Grove, Illinois.


Warren Tapley, born Nov. 14,1907, died Nov. 30,1913.
Leath Warren Tapley, born Oct. 11, 1914. Married Irwin Eichmann Sept. 13, 1940. He was born Dec. 29, 1907.

Bertram William Tapley, born Oct. 8, 1881.



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