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Harry R. Matheny Genealogy

HARRY MATHENY5 (Loring4, Christiana3, Charles2, William1)

Harry R. Matheny (b. 1884) attended Ohio University at Athens, Ohio, taught school, mining engineer seven years, now vice president and plant manager of Chrysler Motor Parts Co., at Highland Park, Mich. He married Edith Hemenway in 1912. She is a descendant of Ralph Hemenway of Roxbury, Mass. 1629. Mr. Matheny is a charter member of the Palestine Masonic lodge, Clinton Valley country club and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Their children are:


153. Harry Richard Matheny b. Feb. 14, 1914. Grad. of Univ. of Arizona and Michigan State College. Now with Chrysler Motor Parts Corp.
154. Jean Elizabeth Matheny b. Dec. 29, 1916. Grad. of Univ. of Mich. and Detroit Business College. She m. 1938 Dr. Wm. F. Northrup Jr.
155. Ann Christine Matheny b. May 3rd, 1924.
156. William Loring Matheny b. Aug. 15, 1925.



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