Andrienszen Genealogy


Andrienszen Ancestry

Lucas Andrienszen m. Aefje Laurens
Elizabeth Lucas m. Jan Stephenszen
Stephen Stephenszen m. Marytie
Roelof Stephens m. Mensje Campbell
Albert Stephens m. Grietje Van Houten
Catherine Stephens m. Daniel Hawkhurst
Frances Hawkhurst m. Elijah Horton Cronk
Emma Teresa Cronk m. George Bartlett Hoffman
Minnie Lenora Hoffman m. John Schmieg
Florence Bell Schmieg m. Stanley Spartan Tumbridge

1. Lucas Andrienszen is first mentioned in New Amsterdam as being a resident there when he married in the Dutch Church of that place, November 20, 1655, Aefje Laurens, a young woman from Amsterdam, Holland. (N. Y. Dutch Mar., p. 20.)

The Court Minutes of New Amsterdam, Vol. 3, p. 405, and Vol. 4, p. 203, show that in 1661 he was a skipper, trading at Fort Orange (Albany) and with Jan Joosten was the owner in 1663 of the yacht "The Flower of Gelder."

The baptismal records of the Dutch Church in New York record the following issue to him and his wife; Lysbeth 1656, Geertruyd 1660, Andries 1662, Hillegond 1663, Tietje 1665, Andries 1667, Hillegond 1670, Hillegond 1671, Tryntje 1673, Aefje 1675, Gertruyd 1676, Lucas 1678, Lucas 1682. (Pages 43, 57, 67, 71, 80, 88, 99, 103, 110, 117, 124, 138, 156.)

2. Elizabeth (Lysbeth) Lucas, daughter of Lucas and Aefje (Laurens) Andrienszen, was baptized in the Dutch Church in New Amsterdam (New York), August 30, 1656 (p. 43), and the baptism was witnessed by Skipper Laurens and his wife, probably her parents. Her marriage is recorded there (Marriages, p. 37) as taking place October 4, 1673, to Jan Stephenszen, a young man from Fort Orange (Albany). It states that she was a young woman of New Orange (New York) and that they were both residing in the latter place. He died in September, 1685, and on June 2, 1688, she was betrothed to Jacobus Berry, a young man from Zuytrivier, whom she married on June 17, 1688, and by whom she had issue : Deborah, 1689; Aefje ,1692; Samuel, 1696 (N. Y. Marriages, p. 64).

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