Van Schaik Genealogy


Van Schaick Ancestry

Goosen Gerritsen Van Schaick m. Geertje Van Nieukerke
Maria Goosens Van Schaick m. Steven Jansen
Jan Stephenszen m. Elizabeth Lucas
Stephen Stephenszen m. Marytie
Roelof Stephens m. Mensje Campbell
Albert Stephens m. Grietje Van Houten
Catherine Stephens m. Daniel Hawkhurst
Frances Hawkhurst m. Elijah Horton Cronk
Emma Teresa Cronk m. George Bartlett Hoffman
Minnie Lenora Hoffman m. John Schmieg
Florence Bell Schmieg m. Stanley Spartan Tumbridge

1. Goosen Gerritsen Van Schaick was a brewer in what is now Albany, N. Y., before or at least by 1649. He was acting Indian Commissioner in New Netherland, as Magistrate of Albany, 1649-1664, and Lieutenant of Troops at Fort Orange (Albany) in 1670 and Captain in 1676, the year he died.

He married first Geertje, daughter of Brantse Peelen Van Nieukerke. She died in 1656 and in July, 1657, he married second, Annatie Lievens. Before this last marriage, he made a contract to set aside 6,000 guilders for his four eldest children by his first wife, that being her separate estate. It appears from the Albany records that he had a step-father, Reyer Elbertse, and a half-brother, Gerrit Ryersen.

He was part owner of what is now Waterford, N. Y., and is styled "Honorable" in the Early Albany Records.

2. Maria Goosens, as she was known in the Dutch records, daughter of Loosen Gerritsen and Geertje Brantse (Peelen) Van Schaick, probably was married to Steven Jansen before coming to America. She was in Albany with her husband and child in 1649, the same year her father is first noted there. When she died is not known, but she was in New York September 11, 1676, when she witnessed the baptism of Elizabeth, her grandchild, daughter of Jan Stephenszen and Elizabeth Lucas, said baptism taking place in the Dutch church.

See Stephenszen Ancestry.


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