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Sherman Andrews Genealogy

Sherman Andrews (Asa5, Nehemiah4, Samuel3Thomas2, William1), born at Hartland, Conn., July 12, 1790. He came to Ohio with his father's family in 1804. Married first Nov. 10, 1814, at Hartford, Ohio, to Fanny Bushnell, daughter of William Bushnell and Mary Borden. William Bushnell was son of Alexander Bushnell. Fanny Bushnell Andrews died at Hartford, Ohio, Sept. 11, 1828, of the sickness that prevailed at that time, age 36. Born 1792.

Sherman Andrews married second Nov. 17, 1831, to Elizabeth Wentworth. Sherman Andrews sold his property at Hartford, Ohio, in 1848 or 1849 and went to Illinois in fall of 1850, and probably went to California with one of the large emigrant trains that moved to California in 1851 overland.

A great amount of smallpox and cholera prevailed among these emigrants, who went out in 1851 and 1852 and many hundreds of them died during the trip. Nothing has ever been heard of him except that it is known that he had visited with a nephew, Wells Andrews of New London, Iowa, and that he left a small box of uncut garnets with him which he kept in his home for many years, and they were used as playthings by his children and grandchildren for many years. He probably died during the emigration to California. Children:

  1. Lucy Andrews.

  2. Ill Andrews.

  3. Lovina Andrews, born June, 1826. Died at Hartford, O., Sept. 23, 1828, age 16 months.

No further record of this family has been found. Two of the above children may have died in the sickness of 1828 when their mother died, as report indicates that their grandfather, Wm. Bushnell, lost five children and two grandchildren at that time. This may have been two of the above grandchildren.



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