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Josiah Jones Genealogy

23. Josiah4 Jones (Lieut. Jonathan3 Samuel2 Hugh1) was born in Wilmington, Massachusetts, March 23, 1731, and about 1752, settled on a farm near Foster's pond in South Andover, where he resided some twenty years. He sold most of his property July 8, 1770 to Benjamin Marshal of Ipswich and later removed to Londonderry, New Hampshire, where he died December 17, 1803. He was on the roll of Captain John Abbot's company of Andover militia April 18, 1757 at the age of twenty-six years. (Mass. Archives, Vol. XCV, page 283)

He was one of the New Hampshire grants. His will, dated April 16, probated August 18, 1776, mentions wife, Lovey; sons, Josiah, Jesse and who received their portion; sons, Jonathan and Amos to whom was left all real estate; sons Cadwallader, Ford and Davis McGregor; daughters, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Lydia and Hannah Jones and Polly Sheldon. He married first, in Wilmington, November 27, 1753, Mary, born September 17, 1732, daughter of James and Mary Trefery of Marblehead. She died about 1762. He married second, April 29, 1764, Rebecca, born January 5, 1745, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca (Stewart) Jenkins of Andover, and third, August 10, 1786, Mrs. Lovey Ronald, who survived him and she died September 13, 1822, age seventy-five years. They had fourteen children.


1. Josiah, born September 5, 1755, died August 16, 1796. Married Sarah, born November 28, 1759, daughter of Ezra and Sarah (Long) Annis of Andover.
2 Jesse, born October 27, 1757. Settled in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Served in the Revolutionary War in Capt. Daniel Runnell's company, also in the Massachusetts line from October 22, to November 23, 1779, in Capt. Joshua Walker's company.


3. Rebecca, born February 7, 1765, died May 1806. Married Deacon Joshua Goodwin of Rowley, Massachusetts and Londonderry, New Hampshire. They had three children.
4. Jonathan, born April 11, 1766, died 1834. Married Mehitable Goodwin. They lived in Londonderry, New Hampshire and had ten children.
5. Mary, born January 20, 1768. Married October 20, 1785 Zachariah Sheldon of Reading.
6. Elizabeth, born February 28, 1770, died March 1, 1844.
7. Lieut Amos, born February 22, 1773, died May 10, 1834. Married Rebecca Diamond, March 1, 1798. They had eleven children.
8. Cadwallader, born February 7, 1775. Married, May 8, 1798, Anna Eaton of Reading, Massachusetts.
9. Son, born and died October 8, 1779.
10. Lydia, born October 6, 1780, died July 14, 1858. Married January 13, 1803, Capt. Joseph Holt of Andover. They had six children.
11. Hannah, born April 27, 1783. Married Col. Phieneas Stone of Boxborough, Massachusetts. He was a merchant. She died December 17, 1867. They had eight children.


12. David, born April 10, 1787.
13. Caleb, born August 23, 1789.
14. Martha, born April 30, 1791.












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