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Genealogy of the Family of William Smith

The plan of arrangement adopted in the following genealogy is a common one. It is explained as follows:

"The numbers inserted in the parentheses on the left are the numbers of the paragraphs or articles, containing the notice of one entire family. The Roman numbers immediately after, indicate the generation of the family, including the first person named. The descendants are doubly numbered-first in consecutive order, and secondly by each family separately. The figures in brackets after the name, refer back to these numbers of the descendants, indicating the family and connections to which the individual belongs. The numbers inserted in the parentheses on the right, against the name of a child, show the subsequent paragraph or article where a notice of the family of such child may be found."

The number of the article refers exactly to the numbers in the list below.

For the sake of brevity a different arrangement has been adopted in the additions. The descendants, instead of being doubly numbered, are indicated by Roman letters, and the articles or paragraphs by figures in parentheses.

Genealogy of the Family of William Smith:

  1. Robert Smith

  2. William Smith

  3. Robert Smith

  4. John Smith

  5. James Smith

  6. Elizabeth Smith m. Samuel Morison.

  7. Jeremiah Smith

  8. Hannah Smith m. John Barker.

  9. Jonathan Smith

  10. Samuel Smith

  11. Jesse Smith

  12. Stephen Smith

  13. Robert Smith

  14. Louisa Smith m. Joshua Fifield.

  15. Jane Smith m. John Cavender.

  16. Robert Smith

  17. James Smith

  18. William Henry Smith

  19. Sally Smith m. James Walker.

  20. James Smith

  21. William Smith

  22. Joseph Addison Smith

  23. John Smith Genealogy (1812-1839)

  24. Hannah Barker m. Stephen Jewett

  25. John Barker (1804- )

  26. Betsey Smith m. John Gordon.

  27. Jonathan Smith (1797-1840)

  28. Mary Smith m. Timothy Fox.

  29. William Smith (1801- )

  30. John Smith (1803- )

  31. Nancy Smith m. John H. Foster.

  32. Caroline Smith m. James Reynolds.

  33. Jeremiah Smith (1815- )

  34. Jeremiah Smith (1794- )

  35. Samuel Garfield Smith

  36. Albert Smith

  37. William Sidney Smith

  38. Alexander Hamilton Smith

  39. Elizabeth Morison Smith m. Rev. Levi W. Leonard

  40. Sarah Jane Smith m. Abraham W. Blanchard




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