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Mark Sanford Tapley Genealogy

Mark Sanford Tapley (Mark, Mark, Daniel, Thomas), 4th child of Mark Sanford and Jane Bradshaw. He is an air conditioning engineer in Lincoln, Nebraska. Married Ruth May Majeska Molstad, born May 1, 1880.


Mark Sanford Tapley, Jr., born Aug. 17, 1902, Chicago, 111.

Grace Beatrice Tapley, born Dec. 29, 1904, Chicago, Ill.

Evan Kenneth Tapley, born May 24, 1906, Arnold, Nebraska. Married Clela Maxine Everet, June 26, 1929. A son, Rodger Warren, born June 16, 1931.

Robert Chester Tapley, born Dec. 31, 1908, Arnold, Neb. Married Bera Swartz, Nov. 18, 1929.

John Wesley Tapley, born July 7, 1912, Arnold, Neb. Married Amy Helen Hock, June 14, 1934.

Ruth Marjorie Tapley, born Dec. 13, 1914, Lincoln, Neb. Married George Brinker Klein, Nov. 20, 1935. A son, Larrie Joe, born April 26, 1939.

Janet Harriet Tapley, born Nov. 27, 1917, Lincoln, Neb. Married Charles B. Friend, Jan. 21, 1939.

Cassie Genieve Tapley, born Nov. 15, 1921, Lincoln, Neb.

George Eugene Tapley, born Feb. 15, 1924, Lincoln, Neb.



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